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HECO Which Vehicle is Right for Me?
When considering an EV, find out how many miles the vehicle you want can travel on a full charge and the types of charging or fueling options available for it.

HECO Rates & Enrollment
Customers charging EVs at home have a couple of options for their electricity rate: remaining on their current residential rate or qualifying for a time-of-use (TOU) rate. A TOU rate offers savings derived from using energy at times of day when solar power is most abundant.

Commercial customers can qualify for a TOU rate for including one or more charging stations on their own electric service.

Charging Networks in Hawaii
Every charging network has its own unique approach to billing. The most common of these, however, are monthly subscriptions, pay-as-you-go or pay-per-charge service, and free charging.

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Honolulu is a dense urban environment; having a Smart Car makes getting in and out of tight parking spaces much easier. Its good fuel economy means that our dollars are stretched farther. Pacific Gateway Center operates out of 3 different office locations; having a Smart Car enables us to zip from one office to another in fun and style. As small as it looks, the Smart Car is really quite spacious inside, allowing us to ferry goods from one office to another.

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Mr. Than Htut Aye, Pacific Gateway Center 20 miles a day